Interview with SILENT TORTURE

NEW Zealand death metal band SILENT TORTURE returned from their first international mini-tour in Australia, playing two shows organised by Stigmata Productions, and one more in New Zealand.

After playing Canberra and Sydney, how does that make you feel?

It feels great, it's definitely opened a few doors for us to continue playing overseas and it was a great opportunity for us to be exposed to a scene that we weren't in or used to and that everyone was really humble and welcoming over in Aus.

What did you think of Australia and its people? Did it live to the stereotype that everything in Australia breathes to kill you? 

No unfortunately we didn't see any spiders or snakes only a couple metalheads hahaha The majority of Australians we met were super nice people and we would love to return!

"UNDER THE SOUTHERN CROSS IX" got a very impressive line up of 17 bands, which would have been a great opportunity for you to network and plan future Australian or New Zealand tours.
Which bands caught your attention and why? 

Bloodbomb because they were sick as grind with awesome sound samples! 

Deiformity because they were a brutal as fuck death metal act.

Eternal Rest for their performance as a whole was incredible.

How long has the band been together and is your current line up the original? Also, what are the musical influences that make SILENT TORTURE? 

We have been playing shows since December 2015. When we started we had a guitarist named Daryl and now we have our current guitarist Grady.  Some massive influences for us is cannibal corpse, cattle decapitation and suffocation along with a bunch of other death and grind bands.

Tell us more about the New Zealand Underground Scene. I have seen a few bands from NZ tour Australia, but the most memorable bands I can recall are 8 Foot Sativa, Incarnate and Dawn Of Azazel. What other local bands would you recommend?

There are heaps of sick New Zealand bands but the ones that I can think of right now are. 
Extinction campaign 
Horrendous disfigurement 
And so much more

If you had the opportunity to play with any band, metal and non metal, what bands would those be and why?

As a collective band it would have to be Cannibal Corpse they are easily our biggest influence when it comes to our music. And we reckon they would be awesome dudes!

Finally, have you heard of the HAMMERSONIC FESTIVAL, held in Jakarta every year? Do you see SILENT TORTURE tour Indonesia in the near future and eventually play this festival?

We have been looking at playing in Indonesia we just need to find a promoter that would be keen to put on a show or one that we could jump on. And yes! Hammersonic festival would be incredible to play! 
But I think we will find the right promoter for Indonesia first and play a couple shows there early next year!

interview by Sabz
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