interview with Deiformity, Sydney old school death metal!

DEIFORMITY is a war themed, old school death metal band from Sydney. Most members of the band are veterans of the metal scene, but have not performed live for a while. 

Were you pleased with your first performance at UTSC IX ON 29 April?

We were very pleased! Not only because we hadn't been on stage as individuals for some years, but it was also Rob's first ever live performance and he killed it! The show was far from mistake free, but I think we were the only ones who noticed.
Also it was a great feeling to finally share the stage with a bunch of guys I've been mates with for many years.

Why did you chose the theme of war instead of gore? Are the lyrics fictional or based on real events?

I've been writing death metal songs for over 20 years and I've done all the gore and all the anti-religious themes I can think of, so this time around I wanted to explore the other common Death Metal theme of war. Lyrics are mainly based on actual events but there are some fictitious themes as well, so a bit of a mix.

What bands influenced your current sound? Also, in a time where metal musicians try to create the most technical band out there, what made you want to remain old school?

Between the five of us there are way too many influencial musicians to list here. But as a band I think we would agree that we tend to lean towards Bolt Thrower (of course), Monstrosity, Deicide and Obituary to name but a few.
We playing what we play because that's what we like, no other reason.

If you had the opportunity to play with any band, metal or non-metal, what bands would those be and why?

Well I could sit here and list all my favorite bands haha! but I think as far as the people in metal I would love to hang with I would say Suffocation. Those guys are gods of the genre but yet act far from it and I dig that in a band.

If your present self could share some wisdom to your past self, what would your advice be?

Wash your hands before you go take a piss after handling that bottle of scorpion sauce.

Are you planning any interstate or international tours in the near future? Which countries would you like to tour and why?

Something in the work for Tasmania, to be confirmed. Hoping we get to play in NZ as well as there are some mad bands over there we'd like to hang with and play a few shows.

And finally, I'm sure you heard of the Hammersonic Festival held in Jakarta every year. Would it be a festival you would like to play or to attend as metal fans?

Of course!! Who wouldn't want to play over there? The fans are nuts haha! Every time I see pictures or videos of shows over there the place is going off! Those guys love their metal!

interview by Sabz
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