Obscene Extreme Asia exclusive interview with Curby

A nice , informative chat with the owner , Curby himself !!!!

Jakarta , Indonesia is honoured to be the place where the Obscene Extreme Asia take place on April 6th – 7th 2013 . This is the part of the Obscene Extreme festival tour , the first ever tour for this one of the most known extreme music fest in Europe. That’s why I need to dig more information from the man behind this extremely violent fun musick festival , Curby! I dont need to introduce him as this interview will give more anything you need to know about Obscene Extreme Fest , especially Obscene Extreme Asia fest!!!
The indonesian version can be read on Illuminatus zine , as here we would like to spread this news all over Asia !!! That’s why this interview on English only ! Ok here we go !

Krisna: Hello Curby , what's up ? It's been awhile since I met you accidentally in Jogjakarta few years back, how are you ? Now , Asian ,especially Indonesian scene got shocked by a breakthrough step you have done , to make a tour for the legendary Obscene Extreme Festival! But before we talk more about that , let's share a little bit about you and Obscene Extreme Fest!!!

Curby :Hi my friend, how are you? Yeah, the show in Jogja was insane! Great times! Yes, we are bringing Obscene Extreme to Asia and we chose Jakarta for this festival and I really believe it's the right choice for all of us! But let’s introduce myself - I'm Curby/Obscene, I have 4 kids, love football, traveling and of course I am a big fan of extreme music, I must admit that I still feel a big passion for this type of music though I listen to grind since 85 or 86…I started as a member of different fanclubs of old Czech metal bands, then I did a small DIY fanzine, then a magazine, and doing a label was really a natural step to support bands even more so I launched Obscene productions as a label and a mailorder in 1995…then I moved towards Obscene Extreme festival...since its birth in 1999, over 500 bands have played Obscene Extreme festival from almost every corner of the earth.

I found that many younger generation of metalheads /grindheads (etc whatever) don't really know that this legendary festival started from a label first. Could you share us about your label Obscene Productions first.

Of course! Well, I have been running Obscene productions for 18 years and I had a mailorder also a few years ago…it’s something I really like, another tool to support and help good bands…it’s pretty hard these times but I still keep grinding. Right now I have released our OBP 101 record – it’s a re-release of Slovakian grind'n'roll band CAD - TazkyKov CD. Then we are preparing a new album of Finnish grindcore heroes FEASTEM then I don’t have many plans about what to release in the future but if I find a good band I will go for it…

After successfully journey with label, then you started an extra ordinary extreme music fest namely Obscene Extreme festival your country. Started in 1999 , right ? Could you give us the description about it ?

I always wanted to do a big grindcore festival...there wasn't anything like that back in 1999 when I started with Obscene Extreme...Fuck The Commerce festival was my big influence, I was there in 1998 and it was simply an excellent festival, and it was one of those things that kicked my ass to do something...My first idea was doing just one festival for my 25th birthday but the reactions after the first volume were so great from both - fans and bands that I had to continue! Now it's an every day work, all year long, but I don't regret all the time I invest as every festival gave me back much more...that friendly atmosphere, all those fans coming from far away, it's simply a unique chance to meet grindcore fanatics from all over the World in a single place and to enjoy some really great bands, legends of grind music but also promising new bands! And man,the first volume and even the second one were crazy, I didn’t have much experience so year after year I did better...

What does make Obscene Extreme Fest different and special compared to other music fest in Europe ?

Obscene Extreme is simply another world, it's not like any other European festival...it's a festival with different a vibe and spirit, you can do stage diving, you can be really freaky all day long and just have some fun with the same dudes like you! It's all about music we all love, You can feel that passion for music in the air! Check out a video at our own Obscene Extreme Youtubechannel and you'll understand what I mean...it's also about masks, did you see the grinding bananas for example? If not, come to OEF! Some fans have super cool ideas about their masks and I hope that also our Asian fans will do some special masks for the show in Jakarta. The OEF is also special as it's a cruelty-free festival with vegan/vegetarian food only, supporting animal and human rights...also having a freak fest on the first day with an awesome, insane Hell show is something very special and not so common at other festivals...of course OEF is a DIY festival and supports very extreme musical styles like grindcore, death metal, thrash metal, hardcore, crust, power violence, fastcore and everything between...and also you can see absolutely young but kick ass bands there that would never get any chance to play live for such a number of fans at other bigger festivals...

How was the turns-out ? What was the highlight of this Obscene Extreme fest ?

2012 was another cool year for us! Personally I really enjoyed the show of NASUM, it was one of top 3 shows of my life, really, no kidding! And believe me I have seen thousands of gigs...I had tears in my eyes when NASUM started to play their famous song Inhale/Exhale with a chorus Obscene/Extreme, fans went totally crazy and me too, I even did some wild stage diving! Maybe the first time at OEF hahaha! Also we were together with my girlfriend on the stage as a wedding couple in gasmasks just at the beginning of their show with their intro from Inhale/Exhale album (actually my most fave NASUM record!), Another unforgettable moment of my life! I think I couldn't be happier, everything went awesome...But there were more great shows like WOLFBRIGADE, POISON IDEA, SUFFOCATION, ORIGIN, YACOEPSAE, WORMROT, BLOCKHEADS, COKE BUST, CREATIVE WASTE, TOOLS OF THE TRADE, DEMISOR and more and more!

Then in 2013 , you decided to start an Obscene Extreme Fest for a tour? There are 3 places you pick America, Asia, Australia.Could you tell us about your decision on this…

Nono, it was much earlier, I had that idea in my head quite a few years...even when I came to Indonesia the first time, I was like "Wow, those fans deserve their own good festival"! This year we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the festival in the Czech republic so it's the right time to come with our festival close to you...I really picked up the venue for the American and Asian festivals very carefully (Australia was a sure thing hahaha) and in the end I will do it in Mexico and in Indonesia...I know it will not be easy to do it there but let's try!

And for Asia , you choose Jakarta , instead of ( Japan, Singapore , Thailand etc) Could you inform us specifically about the reason, you choose Jakarta Indonesia.

I really believe that Indonesia needs a real DIY festival with a good vibe, something different, not sponsored by big cigarette companies...I have seen some shows in Indonesia myself and it simply reminds me of when I was a kid and all started here in the Czech back in 1988 or 1989, right after the revolution...we all were full of passion for music, what a great time and I think you can still feel something from it in Indonesia...I really like Japan and Singapore, even Thailand of course but my choice was easy...also because my friends from NOXA, Alvin and Ade were at OEF couple of times and they perfectly understand what it means OEF...they like OEF as well and we all together want to bring this to you to Jakarta. I really believe that the Indonesian fans will support us and the first volume will not be the last Asian OEF!

Please describe Obscene Extreme Asia fest that will be held on 6-7 April 2013 at BumiPerkemahanRagunan , Jakarta Indonesia.

Our plan is to have 40 bands playing in 2 days, we wanna have stage diving, vegetarian/vegan food and also some kind of freak show, similar to the one in the Czech republic. For first volume we were trying to pick up the best of world underground bands and also the best of Indonesian scene! We want to have also a grind market there and so on, a little festival city as we know it from our home...and another important point, we want to do it as a meeting of the Asian scene so you can find bands from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea so it could be really a big thing for the Asian extreme scene as you can meet so many different countries there...it's actually another big plus of the OEF, we are trying to help even very small scenes that are just starting and show them there's always someone who cares about them as well! Besides you'll have a chance to see bands from Belgium, Finland, Sweden, South Africa, Australia, so as I mention in the OEF website:an international devastation...Another plus could be a cheap ticket, we would like to offer it even cheaper but we must pay a lot of money for musicians` working visas and different permissions...hopefully you'll understand that this is the best offer we can do for you...

Some line up have been announced , including the mighty ROTTEN SOUND and AGATHOCLES . this , my question , represent the question from many in Indonesia , will it be a Grindcore fest only ?

Hahaha, it should be! But it just was this way this year, we had also a big death metal headliner but in the end it was cancelled so it looks more like a grind fest...but what's wrong to bring the best grindcore band on the planet Earth as ROTTEN SOUND? They will kick your ass, I bet! I saw them many, many times and they're simply one of the best live bands around! The same with AGATHOCLES, they're simply a legend in what they do as a true political mince core! Then we have masked grind maniacs from Sweden BIRDFLESH, another extraordinary band!

Beside those big names in grindcore , there are lots great Asian grindcore /death metal bands , could you give us a leak who's gonnabe the other main headliners?

Another headliner will be a killer band from San Diego, Usa, CATTLE DECAPITATION! They smashed everything with their latest album "Monolith Of Inhumanity", one of the best death/grind albums I have ever heard! And also all those great Indonesian bands like JASAD, SIKSAKUBUR, EXTREME DECAY and so on! Actually check out our webpage for a running order quite soon!

What do you think about all Indonesian bands that you choose to play at this OEA fest?

We were trying to choose the best bands, long-time heroes that did a lot for the Indonesian scene and we all know them as I mentioned above and also some young good bands...I must admit it's very difficult to choose just 40 bands! Hopefully next time we can do a bigger festival and invite more bands from Indonesia as well!

What do you think about Indonesian scene?

The Indonesian scene was always very strong in brutal death metal, when I heard JASAD the first time I was like, what the fuck, this is so brutal!!! Then I saw them live and I couldn't believe my eyes, what a great show I'll remember it forever! And it's not only JASAD and I am more than happy that some of them accepted our invitation and will play at OEF ASIA!

Can you give us the main reason why everybody should attend Obscene Extreme Asia n 6-7 April 2013 at BumiperkemahanRagunan, Jakarta Indonesia?

Do you want to enjoy the best weekend of your life? Then come to the OEF and experience something different and unique! Actually I don't want to say the OEF is the best and all those things, it makes no sense, if you like what the OEF offers, please support us. You're our only sponsor and we know it, this festival is made by the fans of music for other fans of music!

Thank you Curby , for your time .. send your words to all Indonesian headbangers .. and Good Luck for Obscene Extreme Asia fest! It will be awesome !!

Thanx a lot for your support! See you all in Jakarta soon! And check our website for more info www.obsceneextreme.asia!

curby as Albert Fish

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